IT Services

1 Structured Cabling System

The structured cabling system is part of the building fabric which holds the entire IT & Telecoms communication network network  together. The most common application is the interconnection of desk-top computers with central servers, closely followed by the buildings telephony. A number of technologies have now been developed to run over new high speed cabling systems such as Security Cameras, Door Access, Environmental Monitoring and Audio Visual Systems which should also be taken into consideration.

A good quality structured cabling system is vital to any business day to day operations as it provides the platform for all networked technologies. If you are about to embark on a Structured Cabling system refit, then let Vnec.Com  assist you with –

  • choosing the system that is right for you
  • designing the system to meet all day one and future requirements
  • installing the system to industry compliance & standards
  • provide system warranty’s and documentation upon completion
  • implement support services and ongoing systems maintenance

Vnec.Com have a number of long standing relationships with a number of cabling system manufacturers which ideally puts us in a position to evaluate, cost and ensure the design of the system is a perfect fit for your business.

Our list of services and solutions are as follows:

  • Design & Installation
  • Copper – Cat5e, 6, 6a & 7
  • Fibre Optic Installations
  • Pre-Terminated Systems
  • Racks, Cabinets & Open Patching Frames
  • Patch Leads & Bespoke Assemblies
  • System Auditing & Maintenance
  • Consultancy Systems Health Checks



2 Audio Visual Solutions

Our AV designer’s expertise is in the design and installation of complex audio visual presentation facilities in boardrooms, meeting rooms, conference rooms and auditoria. Many of our installations include the integration of video conferencing within the audio visual system and our IP products are some of the most up to date on the market.

VNEC.COM are technically strong where audio visual (AV) solutions are concerned. We have a high level of expertise in the effective application of video conferencing (VC), and a strong commitment to providing reliable and usable solutions. However, our skill base is much broader than this, and extends from the complex networking IP environment to web technologies and live event productions

These services include:

  • Supply & Installation of Plasma / LCD Display Screens
  • Managed TV over structured cabling solutions
  • Video Conferencing Systems and Solutions
  • Board & Meeting Room Design and Installation
  • Interactive and Digital Signage

In a world where effective communication is essential to every business we look forward to working with you.



Telecom Systems

From a simple upgrade to a complete change out, the need to ensure that any new system will smoothly integrate into your business operation is critical to business continuity. At VNEC.COM we understand that and we have developed knowledge centres in all areas of telecommunications and IT that will serve to benefit your employees and organisation. The implementation of converged technology can help to improve your company’s efficiency, productivity and cost effectiveness.

VNEC.COM offer a range of solutions that embrace evolving technologies with offerings from some of the industry’s biggest names such as Cisco, Avaya, Mitel and Aastra. All organisations are unique in what they require from the functionality of their new system. It’s also true to say that while the fundamentals of most systems are the same they may vary in the specific areas that you require. Whether you require an IP-enabled system with remote access to homeworkers or a simple key system, we can offer you a product that will seamlessly integrate into your business.

In summary we believe that you should be thinking about your IP-readiness’ if you’re considering making any changes to your voice system or LAN. You need to ensure that the changes you make now will be part of a sustainable, on-going communication strategy and that you’re not walking down a technology black hole.

For something as critical to your business as voice communications you need to have tip top support and the confidence that should something go wrong it will be fixed quickly and efficiently.

  • PBX Telephone System 10 – 600 Ext’s
  • VoIP Managed & Hosted Solutions
  • Call Centre Systems
  • Software, Headsets & Call Recording
  • Incoming Lines
  • Lease Lines, ADSL, SDSL & Broadband

Let VNEC.COM help you understand the ever changing face of global telecommunications and have the comfort factor that we will deliver the right choice for you.

Networked Technologies

Allow VNEC.COM to analyse and review your network and business requirements. We will deliver a comprehensive, detailed report of your network’s current performance with recommendations to optimize your network or work alongside you to design and build a new network. The perfect network is neither the most elaborate nor the most expensive. The perfect network is one which satisfies the needs of your organisation. A complete understanding of your business is the core to our network design approach. Based on your current and projected business strategies, we will assist you to define your network requirements.

VNEC.COM are specialists in engineering Intelligent IP Networking solutions and our technical team is second to none. In addition to these core skills each engineer has specialisation training in Routing & Switching, Wireless, Unified Communications and Security. VNEC.COM Network Technology Division specialises in advanced network consulting and operational support services. Our core of certified engineers and responsible for some of the most advanced IP-based solutions – providing expert support as and when it’s needed.


Understand, Health Check & Assess


Understand Requirements & Develop Scope


Stage, Configure, Integrate & Install


Improve Performance & Update





As an IT Professional, you’re the first too understand the pressures associated with information and system availability. When everything is functioning properly. You’re doing your job. When they go awry, well, let’s just say you’re the first in line to hear about it.

In today’s IT-centric climate, planning for the unexpected is a monumental task. It is tough enough protecting assets in the data centre. Your challenges are compounded when you consider that a fast-growing percentage of the IT assets you manage are in less than desirable environments.


  • There are more systems performing mission-critical tasks than ever before
  • These systems are being deployed in sub-optimal environments without the proper environmental infrastructure to support them
  • Equipment density in these locations is increasing exponentially, producing more stress on ventilation and power
  • These systems are often unattended or managed by non-IT professionals

Let VNEC.COM demonstrate the different ways and numerous solutions available to assist you with your IT Environmental Monitoring.


Consultancy & Project Management

Strategic consultancy starts with the analysis of our clients’ current IT strategy, and the understanding of their organisations’ challenges. We discuss the plans for the future, both with regards to the IT infrastructure, and the business goals. On the basis of our findings, we develop an IT strategy for the project, confirm it with our clients, and implement it over a fixed term.

We will ensure that existing systems and applications are leveraged wherever conceivable, and that the business operations are impacted as little as possible. VNEC.COM will continuously provide active on-site management of the project during the entire project lifecycle in order to ensure success. The Project Manager will provide status reports on a weekly basis. Other regular reports will include resource requirements, performance against budget and planned timeline, and analysis of critical path deliverables.

VNEC.COM delivers consultancy & project management through a coordinated team of experts. Each is a specialist within their field with all relevant qualifications and delivery experience. Integrating the team and delivering the business solution will be a project director whose broad range of skills ensures that all mission critical applications, services and support systems are seamlessly delivered utilising a proven solution methodology.

The appointed VNEC.COM Project Manager will continuously monitor for critical risks – both in the project and in the post-implementation deliverables – and take responsibility for planning for mitigation. Where necessary any issues will be escalated to the Project Steering Committee.

VNEC.COM delivers consultancy & project management through a coordinated team of experts. Each is a specialist within their field with all relevant qualifications and delivery experience. Integrating the team and delivering the business solution will be a project director whose broad range of skills ensures that all mission critical applications, services and support systems are seamlessly delivered utilising a proven solution methodology.